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About Us

Security problem? Meet the solution.

For over 20 years Cerberus have specialised in bespoke security solutions for commercial buildings, construction sites and major infrastructure projects. We are also specialist providers of security work to the public sector and central and local governmental organisations.

We understand that “security solutions” need to be adapted to the individual situation and that we need to be dynamic and flexible throughout the length of each project. Following an initial consultation and survey we will provide you with a concise risk assessment that will not only ensure your requirements are met from a current risk perspective but also provide you with a potential overview of your future requirements. Our range of solution-based products are deemed to be best in class which allows us to be flexible.

As part of a Pan-European Group of companies our experience and expertise are vast and this is further demonstrated through our high level accreditations across all the sectors in which we provide solutions too.

Contact us now to commence a review of your security requirements and how we can design a solution to match your requirements.

Payment Plans

CCTV towers are one of our most versatile security solutions Cerberus offers flexible payment plans for all our CCTV installations.

Our payment plans are approved by the Financial Conduct Authority, which regulates the UK’s financial service industry. We also work with third party finance services to ensure our payment plans are transparent and legitimate.

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