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How Long Should I Store CCTV Footage?

How long should I keep CCTV footage for?

CCTV surveillance is a critical security precaution for many businesses, construction sites and private properties throughout the UK. Having signage and visible cameras can be a strong deterrent, and ensure your premises are protected from criminal activity - but how…

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The Effects of CCTV on Crime

One of the most common questions answered by the Cerberus security team is; how much does CCTV reduce criminal activity? There have been numerous reports and controlled experiments that suggest that CCTV results in a significant decrease in crime, however,…

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How Much Does CCTV Cost

What are the cost factors involved with CCTV?

CCTV is essential for many businesses, but the costs of installing a commercial surveillance system can vary significantly. Here we'll explore the primary considerations that will dictate whether you need a simple installation or a more substantial investment for a…

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History Of CCTV In UK

CCTV Usage in the UK

CCTV surveillance is a vital security asset for many homes, businesses and public spaces throughout the UK.  It is used to streamline safety checks, protect properties when they are uninhabited, and monitor movements. We often think of CCTV as something…

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